Businesses all over the world use information technology to process data quickly and effectively. Servers process information and store large amount of data. What do you do when your information technology stops working…?

Q-IT Services and Imports has a disaster recovery plan to restore your data, applications and hardware!

Disaster recovery is a recovery-as-a-service offering that introduces native cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities for vSphere virtual environment.

Disaster recovery offers:

  • cost-effective
  • simple
  • ¬†automated process for replication and
  • recovery application and data in standby environment.


Key features of the service include:

  • Self-service disaster recovery protection for virtual machines
  • Recovery point objectives from 15 minutes to 24 hours
  • Recovery time objectives of 4 hours or less
  • Automates failover testing, planned migration, and recovery
  • Flexible failover testing